It is time for Networking to Evolve 


And I want to help that evolution.

An executive technologist with deep experience in engineering, operations, marketing and sales I am a seasoned professional that loves to build and motivate dynamic teams. With both individual and management experience, I have that rare mix of a serious management background backed by truly deep technical knowledge in multiple areas.

I have 20 years of experience in management and 24 years of total experience in designing and building access, edge, data center, and core architectures with 8 years directly applied to the design of cable system networks. I combine business, management, design, implementation, verification, and operational production experience with a track record of starting and growing engineering groups within large and small companies. I am equally comfortable in both small and large environment, but I always work to be on the cutting edge of technology.

I believe in the philosophy that the best organizations and teams really love what they do, and want to be the best at their craft. We succeed because we personally love what our company does, how it works, and how we make it financially prosperous.

Finally, I believe in building great teams with the right personnel that have the passion and skills to achieve the goals set in front of us, and go beyond those goals. Allowing these people to innovate and think outside of the box achieves a much higher success rate, and can lead to successes much greater than initially expected.

In this evolution of networking, we are going to see old rules be wiped away through software, and we are going to need to be bold in our determination and vision. It is time to evolve network engineering from something that is implemented, to something that is actually built by the engineers on the ground.